Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brush review!

Whew!!  What a crazy week last week was!!  It seems like forever since I posted but I guess it's only really been 8 days...Still soo long, wow!! I usually try to do major post prep over the weekend but this last weekend was just crazy! Having three different activities in addition to the usual responsibilities, plus getting sick is a bit much for this girl. No wonder I'm exhausted. Fortunately, I have something fun to share with you!

A while ago I was perusing for a new face brush. I use mostly liquid foundations and while it is easy to just smear it around with my fingers, it's not very professional and it wasn't giving me the look I wanted. I have the e.l.f. studio powder brush which works pretty well but tends to absorb a lot of product. Enter the wonderful world of Sonia Kashuk!

I had previously purchased the smaller eye shadow brush pictured above, the Pointed Blending Brush #109 from her Core Tools collection. I loved it so when I spotted the Synthetic Buffing Brush I was intrigued. I'll be honest though, I'm kind of a bargain shopper. Unless something is dirt cheap, I won't buy it right off. I like to read reviews and see what other people think of it. And then find a coupon. =) 

This brush retails for 12.99 at Target and I had a coupon for $3 off a $15 beauty purchase, So I basically bought it and got free makeup remover wipes. (I was out.) So it was kind of on sale but not really, ha ha.  But I really wanted to try it! Most reviews i read raved about this brush and claimed it gave them the beautiful finish they were looking for. And I have to agree!!  

     About the brush: The synthetic buffing brush has a dome shaped head with synthetic bristles. It is recommended for use with cream products but I found once I dotted my liquid foundation on, this brush works amazingly to blend it out. In addition, even though I usually have to clean my e.l.f. brush daily when I use it for foundation the Synthetic Buffing brush lasts a good three days or more before I feel like I need to clean it. It absorbs significantly less product than my other one. Win win!.  

     One dilemma I usually have is that it is difficult to use big brushes around my eyes. I have prominent veins in my eyelids and dry skin everywhere so the foundation helps to conceal the veins and prep my eye shadow. I also like to make sure there are no hard edges in my foundation and I don't want to have to change brushes. This doesn't seem like much to ask but my experience with other brushes seems to differ. Often I have to go back and blend with a different brush or try to use the same brush and poke a bristle into my eye. I had no trouble with this brush though! The soft bristles and the dome shape fit perfectly into my eye socket so I was able to blend out under my eyes and around the inner corner around my nose seamlessly. No prickly bristles here!!! 

I have to say, I'm very satisfied with this brush. Maybe I'm not used to using nice tools or this brush really is that good. It does everything I ask it to do and it hasn't shed a bristle yet. It's soft yet dense enough to blend without streaking or picking up too much product. If it came in a travel version with a shorter handle I would totally buy a second one. I may get a second one anyway because it does takes a full day to dry and I want to use it all the time. Or just to use to blend out dry product like blush and powder. For $12.99 its a steal. 

Have you tried Sonia Kashuk products? What are your favorite face brushes? Any others you would recommend?

***Disclaimer: All items mentioned in this or future posts have been purchased by me, at my own expense unless otherwise noted. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any company or brand so you can be assured my opinions are mine alone. My opinions are based on my own experience and independent research. 


  1. I've tried their brush cleasing shampoo actually and love it! I heard their concealer palette is really good too, I haven't tried any of the brushes yet though!

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. I heard the concealer palette was great too!! I'm terrible at applying cream anything so I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I'll get the brush shampoo when I run out of mine!! Their brushes are pretty reasonably priced so I may keep an eye on them as I need more.