Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lush Godiva Shampoo bar

     During my trip to Seattle last month I made my first ever purchase at Lush.  Lush is a company that makes cruelty free bath products and has a niche following among long term travelers. One reason being their line of shampoo bars. A shampoo bar is similar to a bar of soap but since it is a solid, it doesn't need to go in the liquids bag in your carry on. This is a big plus for us beauty junkies who need all the extra space we can get! I don't like to skimp on my beauty routine when I'm traveling nor do I enjoy the hassle of bringing a checked bag. Anything I can use that multi-tasks or doesn't need to go in my liquids bag is essential. I've always wanted to try solid shampoo so when I spotted the Lush store, I had to check it out.

     The Lush Godiva bar is one of their most conditioning shampoo bars and really smells quite amazing. It has nothing to do with chocolate. It's more inspired by Lady Godiva than cacao beans. I have a hard time describing the scent as being anything other than amazing. Sometimes I walk into the bathroom and think, what it that beautiful fragrance? and then I remember it's the Godiva bar. It's described by Lush as a "2-n-1 Jasmine shampoo with conditioning butters" and is designed for people like me with dry hair who can't resist the draws of the blow drier and flat iron.

In Lush's words:

Our vegan, 2-in-1 shampoo bar cleans and conditions your hair with moisturizing nut oils and shea butter. These butters and oils care for dry, processed locks and leave you with glossy, shiny, and softened tresses. Long used as a tonic for the hair and scalp, jasmine also perfumes your locks with an ultra-sexy fragrance with serious staying power. Named after a certain naked protestor, Godiva gets to work sending a message to your hair.

     I will admit, I was really surprised at how well this bar works. It leaves my hair slightly more clean feeling than my other shampoos, but not dry. Similar to when you use sulfate free shampoos or follow a "no-wash" policy. It has a great fragrance as I mentioned above and has bits of dandelions in it which is also fun. It also lathers more than I expected. The first time I used it I had to look up directions on how many times to rub it on my head and I admittedly overshot it a bit. Lush recommended three passes and I definitely used more than that. The amount of lather that produced was not luxurious but definitely adequate. If you're someone who likes to lather your hair into a mohawk or beehive you may find this product lacking. I thought it was great. 

     Overall, I'm really excited about using this. It smells great, works great and lasts a long time. If you ever want to try a solid shampoo bar I would recommend starting here. It's a bit pricey to start but not any more expensive than other salon products. 

Have you tried Lush products or solid shampoos?

***Disclaimer: All items mentioned in this or future posts have been purchased by me, at my own expense unless otherwise noted. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any company or brand so you can be assured my opinions are mine alone. My opinions are based on my own experience and independent research. 

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